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Welcome to unMasked.

It would be difficult to discover the truth about the universe if we refused to consider anything that might be true.

Richard Morris – Time’s Arrows, 1985

“Join those who seek truth; avoid those who ‘know’ truth.”

The wise Unknown – as somehow it should be.



equal rights

We are a growing non-partisan membership of truth-seekers and social activists working to unmask what’s happening in and to our world following the so-called “pandemic”.

unMasked intends to serve as an organizing hub to confront intersecting health, social, technological, and environmental concerns, and a forum and support system for those of us constructively envisioning and building a future for America in our local communities under rule of Constitutional law and our common-core American social values such as liberty, justice, equal rights, etc.

As we understand what is happening and why, we see THERE IS NO (pandemic) EMERGENCY, and we can allow our emotional panic (fight, flight, or freeze) to settle back into a healthy felt reality of there is no emergency. We are then able to act sensibly with our full capacity to defend against the real threats – which are many, but have a common source and purpose, as we will here demonstrate.

Sky News Australia released this 11-minute synopsis on Sept. 13, 2020:

Covid-9/11: James Corbett has produced the defining exposition of this event in historic context as an extension of the War on Terror that 9/11 justified. We have but a tiny window of opportunity to learn these lessons and act in the common interest to preserve all that we cherish of our society or lose it forever:

For complete show notes and links:

Patrick Wood of Technocracy News gives an overview and encourages peaceful civil disobedience:

RFK Jr., speaking in Berlin before their protest estimated at 1.3M people, gives further historic context:

And as the tyrants in power tell us implicitly and explicitly that this will go on forever, that this is the “new normal”, that we must simply comply, when will we get up out of our chairs and go to the window and yell…

This site is a constant work in progress. It’s intended as an evolving archive of best, current information and a developing timeline of evidence, mapping “Pandemic One” and the global change objectives we have clear proofs it serves to achieve.

unMasked is a red pill dispensary, and even the surface level challenges the mainstream narrative, while the deeper levels obliterate it. If you don’t want to know what might be true, this is not a place for you.

The site is organized as triage, all of us wounded in this psychological war, the WAR ON YOU:

  • At the top of each page is essential, simple, actionable information. You can skim through at that level to get oriented, reduce fear and cognitive dissonance, and to restore balance, to breathe.
  • Under the Deeper heading, analysis broadens and synthesis begins.
  • And under Deep, the big picture and accruing full record.

For a guided tour across the beginning level, follow this icon…




“Great Reset Initiative”

World Economic Forum

Throughout, we will present working theories of what’s happening in the world and why. The first of these propositions – for your active and ongoing skeptical consideration – is:

Pandemic One, or COVID-19, is a mere pretext for the technocratic, Fourth-Industrial-Revolution, Great Reset Initiative of the World Economic Forum – the current sharp end of all organized, aggregated globalist wealth and influence (the UN, IMF, NGOs, BIS and central banks, multinational corporations, big media, think tanks and universities, etc.).

Knowledge is not power, only potential power. Power is expressed in action. But before we act, let us be sure we understand why and on whose behalf we are acting. To that end, knowledge first…


History, when we go below the propaganda historiography (the story of history) we have been educated to “know” but not understand, reveals that the events of today have been long, long in the making.

To make coherent sense of what’s happening, we need a full – on the conceptual level, at a very minimum – and accurate understanding of real history, not just the winner’s self-serving version, to give context, show precedent and pattern, frame the motives and methods of those who have been writing and manifesting the significant, world-shaping ideas and events that comprise history.

“Revisionist” history seeks to honestly separate the documented and provable facts from the doctored and indoctrinated fantasies giving cover to villains and treachery. The good stuff is often buried under signposts marked “taboo”, “conspiracy theory”, or colored by a provocative epithet to warn you of the social danger of uncovering the truth.

We, here, dig into this sacred ground, resting place of many skeletons and many things true.


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