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Terrain and Exosome Theories

This piece briefly (15 min) and lucidly compares an emerging paradigm called Exosome Theory as a counter-proposal to the Germ Theory (Virus Theory) that has dominated for the last century. Exosome Theory far better explains not only covid, but all so-called “viral disease”.

And in this interview, “Covid19 is Just Smoke and Mirrors”, Dr. Thomas Cowan, a very well-informed and creative medical thinker, speaks about the falsehoods currently being used to spread fear and confusion and expounds on the concepts, implications and applications of Exosome Theory. A core take-away is that “the terrain” of our bodies, of nature, is all that matters, and that no “viral” or even bacterial agent can sicken us when we are fundamentally healthy, only when we are poisoned or otherwise compromised.

Dr. Cowan gave an interview to Patrick Bet-David on September 18, 2020, which covers the whole ground of interrogating the germ theory and posing the questions towards a new paradigm:

And at this link if the embed isn’t working: Contagion Myth & Unconventional Ways To Treat Viruses

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