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“Countermeasures” are all the things we’re being told to do or are being done to us that – we are told – are to reduce the spread of the deadly, deadly virus. We include under the heading such things that the System tells are are “treatments” or “cures”… that are clearly not. Genuine treatments are listed under Covid unMasked > The Disease > Treatments.

Here’s an introduction to how these Countermeasure might have been decided – for all the sense they make upon intelligent consideration::

  • Masks
  • “Social Distancing”
  • Social Pressure
  • Sterility Culture
  • Terror
  • Lockdown
  • Isolation & Quarantine
  • Ban on Gatherings
  • Limits on… everything
  • Contact Tracing
  • Cashless Economy
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Vaccines

Held Hostage to The Agenda(s)

It’s important to understand the message that the mouthpieces of the System are delivering to us regularly: do what we say, and we’ll take our boots off your neck so you can breathe again.

Let’s begin with this piece in the gentle and rational voice of the World Economic Forum.

They lay our three general approaches that countries have used, from

Important to think multi-timescale in a flatten-fight-future logic

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