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Constitutional Sheriff Appeal

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Hello, Sheriff,

            As you and your constituents are well aware, the federal, state and local governments have unconstitutionally deprived Americans of their right to life, liberty and property, without due process of law, by initiating both a national and state shutdowns. Due process is a vital constitutional requirement. All actions conducted by governments without due process are unconstitutional and therefore lawfully unenforceable and non-binding upon the people. Either our national Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, or it is not, and if it is not, then America is nothing but a fraud.

All Americans who truly believe in our Constitution(s), our inherent rights, our due process and our Constitutional Republic, must now use vital constitutional methods to overcome the overreaching, unconstitutional, “legal”, but not lawful, actions of governments, and must do so very quickly. One such method is given below. It requires a truly constitutional sheriff to work in concert with those of his truly constitutional constituents who see the need to take immediate lawful, constitutional action to stop the ongoing tyranny which threatens America’s sovereignty as a free nation and all of her people. Tyranny and failure to provide full due process of law are flagrantly unconstitutional, un-American, and should never be tolerated by the American people and their duly elected sheriffs. Following is the constitutional method:

            If you and other sheriffs are so inclined, the sheriffs could urge committed American Citizens in their jurisdictions to file criminal complaints with their respective sheriffs against public officers who have violated and perjured their oaths in any manner, specifically, by voting for unconstitutional legislation and/or initiating unconstitutional “executive orders” and “emergency powers”.

           The American people are guaranteed life, liberty and property which cannot be lawfully taken from them except through due process of law. Any legislative action, as well as any so-called “executive orders” and “emergency powers” that deprive the American people of their constitutionally-guaranteed due process and rights, are null and void, without any lawful force and effect whatsoever, are not binding upon the people, and are not lawfully enforceable upon the people.

           Further, the unconstitutional actions by the public officers invoke the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment, by which the errant public officers immediately VACATED their offices upon the commission of their crimes against the people and the Constitution(s), and forfeited all benefits thereof. Their actions demonstrate that they are domestic enemies to the people and to America, and thus must be immediately removed from office pursuant to constitutional requirements. Jefferson warned us to oppose all enemies of this Republic, both foreign and domestic. Domestic enemies who routinely violate the Constitution(s), due process, their oaths, and the rights guaranteed to the people, have already lawfully vacated their offices. Therefore, they cannot execute any duties of their former offices and they cannot lawfully remain in office and in positions of trust.

           With the criminal complaints in hand and the authority of the Constitutions, pursuant to the referenced sections, the sheriffs can lawfully arrest the errant public officers and, if necessary, can deputize large numbers of committed Citizens willing to assist the sheriffs to fulfill their Constitutional duties on behalf of the people and their Constitutions.

Imagine what could be done with this type of lawful Constitutional approach if hundreds of sheriffs across the country were to do this simultaneously WITH SUPPORT AND DIRECT PARTICIPATION FROM THE PEOPLE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE JURISDICTIONS! Another resounding silent “shot” for freedom would be heard around the world, and the silent majority would become vocal and active quickly. This constitutional remedy was presented to former sheriff Richard Mack at the end of December 2011 right after the NDAA was passed, and later was discussed with him in Hawaii. Richard, like a lot of people, talks about constitutional rights, but has been reluctant to use this constitutional remedy to lawfully remove domestic enemies from office. Just as a woman cannot be a little bit pregnant, a true American cannot be a little bit constitutional, especially at this very critical time for our Republic. The attacks by the federal government and other governments across this nation have unlawfully deprived the people of their inherent rights to life, liberty and property, without due process of law. These domestic-enemies do not lawfully belong in office and thus must be removed by the people and their sheriffs through lawful constitutional remedy.

 Sincere Regards,

Jack and Margy Flynn

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