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Living Environment Sanctuary City

Key points:

  • Santa Fe is in both economic and environmental peril.
  • Declare and make Santa Fe a “Living Environment Sanctuary City”, a place of health and wellbeing.
  • Attract interest and visitors from around the world.

Santa Fe: a Living Environment Sanctuary City

July 21, 2020 update. By Christopher Hilton and Dani Katz

We have a tiny window of opportunity in which to save our beloved Santa Fe from societal ruin and total economic collapse. This opportunity invites courageous, compassionate  leadership, and a series of bold pivots which reflect and honor the unique culture and diverse populace that have made Santa Fe an international destination for health, wellbeing and creativity.

As such, we invite you to open your mind, put aside any knee-jerk contractions along with notions of limitation and can’t, and to avail yourself to the very real, very do-able choices we can make that will allow the people in our community to thrive and prosper in the face of this crisis we find ourselves navigating.

Our Current Trajectory:

The City budget shortfall caused by the collapse of GRT and other revenue dependencies will absolutely worsen as small and medium businesses continue to fail. As real estate defaults cause the market and many other sectors to plummet in the inevitable domino effect; as unemployment, homelessness, hunger and other conditions of privation driven by the crisis increase reliance on threadbare social safety nets and overwhelm our already fragile system with unprecedented levels of desperation, we will incrementally collapse into an unruly death spiral of poverty, crime, social unrest and God knows what else.

The truth is that none of us know just what this “what else” entails, or how exactly it will unfold; and our leaders have yet to create a functional strategy to help our community navigate this crisis in a healthy, supportive way. They have not even opened a dialogue with us to find out what we, the People of Santa Fe, want and need.

We are being ignored by the Federal government and misregarded by the Governor, who is making sweeping demands upon an extraordinarily diverse state – demands that aren’t serving our City Different, or the creative, self-responsible people who live here.

As a small, unique city, we are being strong-armed to enact questionable strictures demanded as tribute to the “pandemic” that the data don’t actually point to, yet we have not been and will not be bailed out like the large cities and big businesses. As such, we find our city teetering on the brink of full-fledge collapse, with beloved institutions that have taken decades and generations to build shutting their doors forever. The (mis)handling of this crisis is shaping up to be a travesty of immeasurable proportions, and a devastating blight on the legacy of our local governance if we do not take swift action to course correct.

The Tourism Misconception

Santa Fe must innovate to survive. Small, like our furry mammal ancestors that endured the K-T extinction, will be precisely what saves us – as we act courageously, and make a bold pivot, now.

In their June 10th deliberations on the mandatory mask ordinance, the Mayor, along with the majority of the City Council, made the argument that they must pass it, and that we, the people, must abide by it, if we are to continue to attract tourism – the driving notion seeming to be that people will only come to Santa Fe if we can convince them that it is “safe” – not by way of logic and facts, but by way of optics. The idea, while likely conceived with the city’s best financial interests in mind, was both misguided and short-sighted.

To continue to deflect to a dying tourist industry makes no sense. People who are allowing themselves to be manipulated by fear and misinformation are not going to be braving the perceived dangers of travel to visit any city, let alone one that is locked down, mask-wrapped, trembling in fear, demoralized. Nor are they going to come if they have to abide by an order to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Under these conditions, Santa Fe is no longer a tourist destination.

Now is not the time to ask our community to take yet another psycho-emotional hit in order to serve an imaginary influx of tourists. We have ALL undergone a massive trauma that will take time, care, and connection to heal. We have ALL been deeply affected financially, psychologically and emotionally, as well as physiologically, by this so-called pandemic and the imposed lockdown and divisiveness. Now is the time to focus, first and foremost, on the needs of our local community, and to let that care, compassion and healing trickle down to those visitors and transplants who are themselves craving the kind of holistic care, healing and lifestyle that Santa Fe is known for worldwide.

The reality is that not everyone feels the need to wear a mask, and not everyone needs to wear a mask. All the scientific, peer-reviewed, randomized controlled studies (as well as the vast majority of medical experts) concur that healthy people should not wear masks, as they don’t protect, while they absolutely do harm in numerous ways. The idea of forcing people to wear masks against their will is unlawful and unscientific, and it is destroying community morale. People are withdrawn, morose, angry, and confrontational, as they struggle at seven thousand feet above sea level for not nearly enough oxygen behind face coverings that hide our smiles and our good intentions. Tempers flare and divisions escalate in the face of political strife and social unrest stewing in a volatile cauldron of isolation, social starvation, touch deprivation and generalized disconnect – hardly a vibe that lends itself to a bustling influx of tourists wanting to escape the grind and devastation affecting their own hometowns.  

Under current conditions, there isn’t going to be any tourism this year to speak of, especially with this latest indoor dining shut-down, and all the amped-up restrictions and regulations business owners are being forced to enact to stay open. If we want tourism, different is what is necessary, not more of the same. If we want tourism, we need to offer folks something different from the infantilizing tyranny their own cities are imposing.

The City Different Solution

Santa Fe has long been known as “the City Different”. Folks come here from all over the world for our unique Southwest brand of different – for our healthy air, mountain trails, sunny skies, organic food and gourmet dining experiences, our holistic wellness community, our indigenous tradition and wisdom, our inspired art and creativity, and our warm, friendly, thriving populace. In short, for HEALTH. Santa Fe is teeming with healers, medicine men and women, wellness practitioners, alternative healing modalities, visionary thinkers, consciousness raisers and spiritual teachers. Wellness is our city’s biggest and most lucrative industry, and it is high time we lean into it as a way out of this predicament.

Santa Fe Living Environment Sanctuary City

If we are to survive this crisis, our wisest move is to take advantage of our strengths and our resources, and to lead with them. We propose establishing Santa Fe as a sovereign refuge for health and wellbeing – a Living Environment Sanctuary City where folks can – and WILL –  come from all over the world to take a break from the masks, the fear, the divisiveness and the restrictions, and to bask in the holistic wellbeing that has become synonymous with Santa Fe.

As our world swirls in chaos and confusion, countless folks are craving the opportunity to escape to a town that hasn’t lost its collective mind, and that is still enjoying – and offering –  the good life: modeling optimal health and wellbeing, sharing our diverse array of creative arts and performance and culture, continuing to host festivals and markets and local traditions, opening our doors and businesses and hearts and minds to embrace the scores of national and international tourists who are excited to mix and mingle with healthy, happy people thriving in a harmonious, living environment.

This is the real Santa Fe. This is what makes us different. This is what will allow Santa Fe not just to survive this temporary hiccup, but to thrive.

Different is to open up the city, sans stifling restrictions. Different is to invite folks here – maskless and self-responsible – and to lead by example, modeling trust and community, embodying the knowingness that there is no emergency here in Santa Fe – a Living Environment Sanctuary City devoted to optimal health and wellbeing, surrounded by fresh air, open skies, sparkling sunlight, compassionate governance, and a thriving populace.

There is no emergency.

Santa Fe actually is safe. Honest, established, peer-reviewed science says so. Just look around you: There is no health emergency, no overwhelmed hospitals, no wheezing, coughing populace, virtually no trace of this phantom menace called COVID, which has a 99.7% survival rate, and has dwindled to the point that it hardly qualifies as an epidemic, let alone a pandemic.

But what of the “second wave”?, you ask.

Was there ever really a first one?, we counter.

Even the most conservative Coronavirus numbers point to a 99.7% recovery rate from what basically amounts to a seasonal flu. While the mainstream media (which thrives on fear and big pharma advertising dollars) reports rising case numbers, we know that those very numbers are being fudged by way of the PCR test’s 80% false positive rate, not to mention “probable cases” being counted among those numbers, even when no tests are actually administered. The case numbers are going up because of the sheer volume of tests being performed (when they actually are being performed, and not faked) . But, as with any “pandemic”, it’s not the number of carriers that count, it’s the number of deaths.  Mortality rates aren’t spiking locally, or globally. The Covid-19 “deaths” being reported are heavily padded with folks who are being tested after having died of cancer, car accidents, suicide and anything, and are then being logged as “death by Covid-19” as per the CDC’s highly unethical orders. Despite the media’s incessant fear-mongering, we are not seeing Coronavirus casualties in Santa Fe. The only folks who have died “of” the virus had comorbidities that went unreported.

If we are to see an increase in mortality, it will be caused by skyrocketing suicide rates inspired by the toxicity and decreased oxygen intake masks engender, combined with the elevated stress levels caused by forced isolation, anxiety, depression and economic stress, not to mention the pent-up demand for healthcare treatment that continues to be denied in the face of the shutdown.

As members of this community, you must have noticed how this shutdown and this mask mandate are traumatizing the people – especially our children. Our children are being denied their right to go to school, to go to summer camp, to play soccer and tag, to make art, to socialize, and to learn all the subtle facial cues that are currently being masked – the ones that lend themselves to healthy socialization, and a well-adjusted, psychologically and emotionally developed populace.

The Stakes

It’s quite the gamble, isn’t it? There are so many risks and downsides and injuries and devastations being caused by the shutdown, which was implemented to ostensibly mitigate against a .026% mortality rate among elderly people with comorbidities, not to mention the host of legal liabilities you’re taking on. Is it worth it to collapse our city’s finest institutions? To destroy an entire community’s quality of life? To cripple a generation of children?

What’s the end-game here? How long are you planning to keep this going? Is “just following orders” a good enough standard for you? Have you done the math on what happens next as the cascade of collateral damage runs its course? Have you considered how much worse this is going to get for our community? Do you see how “safe”, as it is being defined by the establishment paradigm, is itself death? Do you have a contingency plan? A vision for how Santa Fe is going to survive this? Or are we to simply cave to the terror and intimidation being foisted upon us by bad-faith profiteers, and surrender our City Different to ”higher” and absentee authorities that don’t care about our community and have no vested interest in our survival?

The risks you are attempting to mitigate are infinitely lesser than the certainties of calamity we can clearly see gathering on the horizon. Of this, there is no question. Now is the time to take our power back from those who would seek to destroy our city, and to act in service to the Santa Fe community’s needs – not the partisan power game being played at our expense.

Whether or not the Governor has the legal authority to shut down our businesses or to mandate masks, you – as our local elected leaders, the custodians of this City Different – have every right, as well as a very clear duty, to stand up for our community’s best interests, and to open up our Santa Fe now. NOW.

The precedent of “Sanctuary Cities” has been established nationally on the immigration issue, where cities defied State and Federal mandates, even laws, and acted as they determined to be moral and good for their constituencies. You could use this precedent to reject the “higher” authority of the Governor or the CDC, and to act in service to Santa Fe and our best interests. Your best interests, no? This is an exigent need, a pressing emergency, and we can sort out later how to restore balance with other levels of government after we’ve stabilized our city and our economy.

The Bigger Picture

There is more to health and wellbeing than an unmasked face or the eradication of an overhyped flu virus. To create a safe, healthy, sustainable Living Environment Sanctuary City, we suggest undoing some longstanding deleterious practices, banishing a bunch of toxic chemicals and products from our municipality, and unifying in defense against the incursion of any new biological or environmental threats coming down the proverbial pipeline.

But what of the laws that would seek to compel us to our own harm in the name of profit and population control? Well, we are smart, creative people, committed to finding win-win ways to innovate around the exemptions that have granted terrifying powers to corporations through their capture of federal governing agencies and have thus exposed us to grave threats. Education alone, and the resulting opt-outs by individuals who now know better, will go a long way in achieving the better part of these perceived obstacles. Starting with the adoption of a platform to make Santa Fe the first Living Environment Sanctuary City, clear, well-vetted information and support will be distributed far and wide in our community. Informed people make smart choices.

The Short List

Some of the threats we aim to address include:

  • 5G: You’ve seen the evidence – and we won’t repeat it here – that 5G technology is NOT safe, not smart and is slated to cause horrific, irreversible damage to all beings and the environment, turning our tiny high desert community into a veritable death zone. This isn’t speculation, but a predictable fact based on established science across many fields. Heck, even NASA is begging the FCC and the telecom companies not to deploy it. Speculation, on the other hand, is what the industry has asked of us in allowing the mass proliferation of a high-energy bio-disruptive technology without first testing it for safety. They’ve asked us to enroll ourselves, our children and grandchildren, our entire community and our entire natural environment, in a mass experiment that has a disturbingly high likelihood of ending in catastrophe – if the thousands of scientific studies warning us of this are, in fact, correct. As such, our wisest move is to err on the side of prudence, stand protected on the precautionary principle, and put 5G on hold until the safety studies are in and conclusively show real-world effects. Many other cities far less enlightened than Santa Fe have already made this move and succeeded. What are we waiting for?
  • It’s time to outlaw glyphosate, the carcinogenic toxin in Monsanto-Bayer’s Roundup herbicide that has been conclusively linked to Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and a host of other killer cancers, as well as the extinction of pollinators (aka: bees). The highly toxic pesticide has been outlawed in several countries and American cities, including Austin, Seattle and Portland, Maine. Both Los Angeles County and Miami have banned its use on city property. So, why are we – the City Different – still using the stuff?
  • Let’s stop fluoridating our water. There is not one single scientific study that proves that fluoride is effective in preventing tooth decay (despite any and all false advertising to the contrary), while there are several that definitively indicate that fluoride is a highly toxic, psychoactive mind control substance that causes more cancer death than any other chemical on the planet. Fluoride has been banned in hundreds of cities across the globe, as well as in entire countries. Our own city council banned it back in 2012, but then caved to lobbyists, and went right back to infusing this deadly neurotoxin into our municipal drinking supply. It’s high time we end this barbaric practice of poisoning our community on purpose.
  • A ban on plastic water bottles and grocery bags would be a swell way to show up for environmental health and well-being here in Santa Fe.

These are just a few of the ways we can strengthen a real public health and wellbeing agenda under a Living Environment Sanctuary City proclamation and program. Once established, we can trumpet it to the world at large, thus attracting health-minded people to Santa Fe and allowing our community to survive this economic peril, to thrive and prosper again, quickly and gracefully.


Thank you for taking the time to read, consider and implement. We are more than happy to collaborate with you on this plan and are excited to support you in showing up to serve our community’s best interests and highest wellbeing.

Surely you also want to preserve a Living Environment to protect future generations, as well as your own lineage and legacy.

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