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Surviving the Great Reset

Trust in God and tie up your camels.

Just another enlightened pragmatist.

This section is intended neither as hyperbole or fear-mongering. But unless you’re one of the few who will take action (God helps those who help themselves), best to save yourself the despair and retreat to denial and hope.

The System has told us for decades, more clearly and urgently of late, that their goal is a massive depopulation, managed chaos in a slow boil of control systems implementation and the culling of the human herd by all available means: food, medicine, war, fear. This is arguably World War III, now under way, and we have been targeted for a eugenicist purge, which we’re more likely to survive if we know what’s afoot and can protect ourselves and loved ones.

Most people don’t even know this is happening – don’t even want to know this is happening – and each methodical development in the agenda, from ongoing and further plandemics to social unrest to “natural” disasters, will shock and terrify them. Few are planning for the worst; fewer yet can even imagine it – and probably better so.

But there are things we can all do to better our odds, remembering that we don’t have to be the fastest of the herd, just not the slowest.

We, the few, will be mentally, emotionally, and physically ready for what comes.

We, the few, will have taken action in time.

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