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Mike Adams’ Great Reset Survival Guide

“A “Global Reset” is now under way that aims to eliminate 90% of the human population on planet earth. Download this comprehensive nine-hour audio book and PDF reference guide and discover the knowledge you’ll need to survive.”

To save a mp3 file, right-click the download link and choose the save/download link option.

  • Reference Guide (PDF)Download (50mb)
  • Chapter 1 (mp3)Download (230mb)
  • Chapter 2 (mp3)Download (185mb)
  • Chapter 3 (mp3)Download (630mb)
  • Chapter 4 (mp3)Download (67mb)
  • Special Report – Ballistics and Perimeter Defense (mp3) Download (42mb)
  • Special Report – Living Without Electricity (mp3) Download (29mb)
  • Special Report – Prioritizing Purchases (mp3) Download (23mb)
  • Special Report – Recovery of Society (mp3) Download (22mb)
  • Special Report – Shotguns vs Rifles (mp3) Download (20mb)

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