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Alternate Media Channels

This will be a slowly-growing list of reliable alternate media with sourced, referenced, material. This isn’t to suggest that one ingest it with less skepticism than the MSM, but that there is at least an attempt at establishing facts and prospecting for truth. Please do continue to ask the hard questions and demand evidence for every assertion.

This invaluable essay unlocks several sense-making concepts about culture and how we got to be so viciously divided politically: Trump and a Post-Truth World.

Also, this Ken Wilber interview further explores these ideas about social “growing up” as an axis of development perpendicular to “waking up”. The importance of this understanding cannot be overstated. There will likely be no peace in our world until enough of us can integrate and lead on the basis of these principles.

The majority of the following material takes us back down into frames of division. Though it generally has more integrity than the MSM manipulations, it mostly still lacks not only an integral framing, but any indication such frames even exist.

Rachel P is assembling a good collection of videos at her Marcus Twain BitChute channel.

And a decent video collection, easy to download, from Christopher’s shared Dropbox folder.

James Corbett recommends: Another 25 Books You Should Read

Alternate video platforms:

Mainstream sites disclosing the plan and propaganda:

The Drudge Report, in spite of all its bias and recent changes for the worse (rumor is it was bought or is now controlled by a Chinese entity), is still the best mainstream news aggregator. It’s easy to get a sense of what’s hot in the news cycle here, sort of a gestalt of what the MSM wants you to pay attention to, believe.

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